The Weekend Shortlist Feb 15-17

Put Your Dancing Shoes on for Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings

Friday Feb. 15

Location: Chelsea, NYC
Film: Ichi the Killer
Venue: Rubin Museum of Art
Food: Monster Sushi
Drink: Slate
Miscellaneous: Donut Pub

One of my favorite splatter flicks out of Japan, Ichi the Killer is a movie that takes gore to another level here, and it’s a comedy! Anthony Swofford, who wrote the film Jarhead introduces this great film directed by Japanese horror master Takashi Miike. While a full belly before seeing this film may be a bad idea, a good one, going along with the theme, is to eat at Monster Sushi. Though part of a chain, this Japanese restaurant serves up affordable sushi while not being skimpy with the raw fish. Known as the place to shoot pool, Slate is also is a very stylish lounge and restaurant that goes far beyond your typical pool hall. Not a bar yet definitely an institution, the Donut Pub has been serving up doughnuts, crullers, and eclairs since 1964 and their made fresh daily.


Location: Upper West Side, NYC
Band: Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings
Venue: Beacon Theater
Food: Hummus Place
Drink: Jake’s Dilemmal
Miscellaneous: Alice’s Tea Cup

Even before backing Amy Winehouse, The Dap Kings have been brewing up a funk storm. With Sharon Jones leading the band, expect the earrings and shoes to come off as she dances across the stage. This show is not to be missed unless you’re bedridden. If you’re gonna see this show you’re gonna dance and eating a big meal won’t work. Cheap yet not too heavy, Hummus Place serves up surprisingly great hummus in the uptown version of their original downtown location. More a game room for adults than a sports bar, Jake’s Dilemma offers more than 50 beers to choose from while you can play pool, video games, or foosball. Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, Alice’s Tea Cup is as much for adults as it is for kids. Get one of a vast assortment of teas flown in from around the world here or a gorgeously designed slice of cake.

Saturday Feb. 16

Location: SoHo, NYC
Event: Rated X: The Panty Party’s St. Valentine’s-Presidents Day Panty Massacre
Venue: Don Hill’s
Food: Ear Inn
Drink: Naked Lunch
Miscellaneous: Jacques Torres

The infamous panty party returns at Don Hill’s, so expect to dance next to half naked people and a lot of weird shit to go down plus there will be DJs, bands, and a hot body contest. The presidents will be proud on their celebratory weekend. For dinner, show some respect and go to the Ear Inn. This restaurant and bar is housed in a 200 year old building that strangely enough was built for James Brown, not the godfather of soul, but the aide to George Washington. The food here is better than your standard bar food but the atmosphere makes the place. Named after William S. Burroughs novel, Naked Lunch is a cool and comfortable bar where local artists usually gather. No shooting up though! If you like chocolate, stop in at Jacques Torres for some of the sweetest morsels of chocolate in NYC or anywhere else.


Location: Red Hook, Brooklyn
Event: Smokey Hormel’s Western Roundup
Venue: Jalopy Theatre
Food: Schnack
Drink: Moonshine
Miscellaneous: Mazzola Bakery

If you don’t know Smokey Hormel, you probably have heard him play guitar for the likes of Beck, Neil Diamond, Tom Waits, and Justin Timberlake, among others. Here he plays western swing music with a great cast of studio musicians. Schnack is a throwback to American food from the 50s offering hot dogs, burgers and fries, of course beer, and a really good brunch. Moonshine is a bar that’s part dive and part hipster with a pool table and Big Buck Hunter. It’s a can’t lose situation. Nearby, at the Mazzola Bakery, try the Neapolitan Lard Bread, tasting better than it sounds it’s made with two types of parmesan cheese and a hardboiled egg, seriously!

Sunday Feb. 17

Location: Lower East Side, NYC
Event: Kapow! + The Walking Hellos + Colorways
Venue: The Delancey
Food: Tiny’s Giant Sandwich Shop
Drink: Schiller’s
Miscellaneous: Dash Dogs

Brooklyn band Kapow!, featuring Toshi Yano of the Fiery Furnaces, members of the Negatones, and keyboardist Tris McCall, who’s in too many bands to count, play 60s sounding pop with The Walking Hellos featuring ex-Babe the Blue Ox vocalist Rose Thomson and Myla Goldberg, author of the best-selling book Bee Season. Now that’s too weird to pass up! While space is limited, Tiny’s Giant Sandwich Shop offers a rather large menu of specialty sandwiches and salads that both veggie and meat fans can appreciate. For drinks, Schiller’s is an excellent place to grab a beverage. The wine menu is broken down into three categories: Cheap, Decent, and Good, with there being no bad choice. For those who just want a bite to eat, Dash Dogs is the place to get a beef or veggie dog before you disappear into the bar or show, without regretting it later!

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