A Mad and Faithful Telling

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From the get-go, what struck me about DeVotchKa’s sixth album A Mad and Faithful Telling was the opening track, “Basso Profundo,” and the warbly tone of singer Nick Urata’s voice, coupled with a slightly off-key chorus of Ooooooooohs: something akin to a half-in-the-bag Desi Arnaz fronting a Cuban Arcade Fire, which, to me, was pretty great.

The standout first-listen track(s) are a toss-up between, “Along the Way” and “Blessing in Disguise.” Both are sweet melodies that really highlight Nick’s tenor and conjure up feelings of dancing with your sweetheart in the twilight, which I like.

The album scurries from tender to melancholy to raucous in an agreeable manner that makes for an enjoyable listen. For fans of the Latin-influence, it’s definitely worth checking out. For others, there’s not too much subtext to unearth, just well-structured songs ripe with panache.

David Levin

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