Ghost Rock
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Do you like music that’s unique, music that takes elements of music you love and transforms it into something totally different and amazing? If your answers to those questions are yes, then you need to check out Nomo’s new album Ghost Rock.

Nomo is a jazz fusion band out of Ann Arbor, Michigan. While they have a sound reminiscent of Afrobeat, they’re simply too unique to classify. They have an aggressively dynamic horn section that cuts hard horn lines over an even nastier rhythm section.

Ghost Rock, the band’s second release with Ubiquity Records, accentuates an other-worldly electronic vibe that brings in an entirely new element to their already incomparable sound. Nomo will simultaneously make you dance and expand your mind. If you haven’t heard their first full-length album, Nu Tones, go out and buy it today to tide you over until Ghost Rock comes out on June 17th.

Marc Amigone


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Remember how you thought Ladytron was good? You were right. This is dirty, champagne drinking, I’d go to the club, but I’m too cool for that music. If you were a really good DJ, and a robot took over your brain, this is music you would make. Dirty synths and drum machines doing a theatrical Gary Glitter thing. They loop over and over till you’re back where you started and aren’t sure how you got there. Prozac vocals lay on top of all this with the nonchalance of a model from Antonioni’s Blowup. You get the idea. So stop reading this review and go buy the CD. Then put on a very small dress (guys too), buy an 8 ball, and get home 3 days later.


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