MUSIC REVIEWS: Dead Child and B-52’s

Dead Child
Quarterstick Records

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Who says that hard rock is all about tight leather pants and cookie monster growls? The guys behind Dead Child believe so and it painfully backfires on them. Their debut album Attack, a supposed homage to ‘70s and ‘80s metal, is as bad as the big hair that once dominated these eras. Dead Child was born only to disappoint.

“Sweet Chariot” has a barely-practiced garage band sound with erratic guitar riffs and vocalist Dahm screeching. While the track “Eye to the Brain” is a slight improvement, Dahm’s attempt to sing of gore is just a bore. If you make it to “Wasp Riot,” don’t let the growing guitar riff fool you. Dahm’s virginal wailings are no match for Thor-like frontmen in metal who can wreak havoc. Dead Child, stop attacking listeners with a first draft attempt to rock and stick to Guitar Hero.

Stephanie Nolasco

The B-52’s

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With a title like, Funplex, you cannot help but expect a party, but with a band like the B-52’s, you get originality and a little bit of the future. The disc is the band’s first full-length album of the twenty first century. Encompassing funk, disco, pop, and good ole rock, the album is sure to please their old fans and garner them plenty of new ones. The title track, “Funplex,” has plenty of vocal interplay among the three singers, Fred, Kate, and Cindy, and raucous guitar from their main man, Kevin. Another noteworthy track on the album is the first track, “Pump,” which is full of the famous drawl and lyrics that seem absurd at first yet work well with the funky and eclectic group.

This album showcases the brand of music and originality which brought the B-52s fame over twenty nine years ago. For a good time at anytime, check out Funplex.

Corey Crossfield

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