MUSIC REVIEWS: Wolf Parade and She & Him

Wolf Parade
At Mount Zoomer
Sub Pop

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Wolf Parade’s second effort, At Mount Zoomer, is a good record. This is how I feel about it—at the moment. Their first, Apologies to the Queen Mary, was one of my favorite records of the past few years. I have listened to it literally thousands of times, and usually daydream that it is actually my record, that I made. Sadly, it isn’t. 🙁

The new album is growing on me slowly. It lacks the bombast of the previous, but it’s interesting nonetheless. “Soldier’s Grin” and “Language City” are my immediate favorites, and are reminiscent of Apologies, with the more driving melodies and grand schemes, but from there the songs really form a different record. I’m having trouble putting my finger on whom they “sound like”: lots of synthy keyboards and fragmented songs. To no avail, I’ll just say that it’s a good record with ‘80s nostalgia’ that makes for a nice listen. It’s sometimes poppy, other times a little droning. If you enjoyed the first record, you’ll probably like this one—after a bit.

David Levin

She & Him
Volume 1
Merge Records

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If you haven’t caught wind of She & Him by now, it’s time to move out from that rock you’ve been living under and look into it ASAP. She & Him is comprised of Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward, two very recognizable names on their own merits. Their first combined effort entitled Volume One leaves us on the edge of our seats, wanting and hoping for more “Volumes” to follow. The twelve songs on the collection combine a bit of country twang with a reminiscent sprinkling of the oldies your parents grew up on. Add to that Deschanel’s effortlessly dashing voice, and you’ve got an impressive first collaboration.

–-Patricia Scull

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