Zoe Scott Discusses Travel, Meeting Bono and Her New Album, Woman on Top

After less than an hour of conversation with Zoe Scott, I am sure that she is one of the most interesting people with which I’ve ever spoken. This girl is the perfect package of confidence, spunk, passion, and wisdom. Eager for the release of her second, full-length album Woman on Top (released in early 2011), Scott anticipates a good deal of success, as she finds the whole record “fun and cheeky.” Truthfully, Scott wants her music to be the Sex and the City of rock ‘n roll. After her experiences with a few lovers, and perhaps a one-night-stand, she wants to impart some knowledge and perhaps, more importantly, some power to women everywhere. One thing is for sure though— I can’t wait to see this witty sexpot live in concert!

Congratulations on your blossoming music career and on the digital release for the catchy single “Hard Habit.” What inspired this song?

It’s about a hot weekend, about having incredible sexual chemistry with someone. The hook is about having one taste and then deciding to run for the hills. A guy can be like a bad habit or a drug addiction. It’s fun, but serious. It’s about how getting wrapped-up in our demons can really take us down. All women can relate, because they have all suffered from low self-esteem. Truthfully this was written about an extremely hot Italian film actor. I got the song “Woman on Top” from him too.

You have lived in a lot of interesting places. Which adventure has meant the most to you?

Rome and New York were my favorite cities. In New York, I lived above a Spanish restaurant in Soho. I love the soul of New York; it’s a creative explosion and I feel very at-home there. I lived in Rome at the age of 21 for 3 to 4 years. I also trained as an actress in London and then got into horror movies, then later made a big switch to go into music. My current home is a green, luscious nest in the center of Los Angeles; my personality loves nature.

What was it like living in a cave in the Mojave Desert for two months?

It was a beautiful, mystical landscape. Me and my sister were a little broke and it was kind of like “What would Jim Morrison do?” We found a young, Mormon guy at a party on Venice Beach and he said “I know the perfect spot.” He drove us out to the desert to meet an old Mormon guy cast out by his family because he was gay. He believes he is one of god’s gardeners and he created a garden way out in a desert that is full of peacocks and pyramids. My sister and I lived in one of his caves during the summer and it was a magical experience, sleeping under the stars. It was a way to get in-tune with my primitive, universal mind. I’ve had a love affair with the desert ever since then. I still go out there once every six weeks to write. It has played a big part in my creative development and has been a sanctuary and place to feel magical and mystical; it has a great feminine energy. I always meet who I’m supposed to meet when I’m out there. I’ve met Bryan Adams’ manager and the lead singer of Colts. The desert always provides the answers.

Other than “The Doors,” who are your musical influences?

Sheryl Crow and U2. I actually met Bono at Chateau Marmont in L.A. I gave him a copy of my record and he said, “Oh you’re making a record? The rest of us make CDs.” (Laughs) I was also inspired by the book “The Hero with a Thousand Faces” by Joseph Campbell. It’s a spiritual journey. The book discusses how the planets would be out of balance until the god and goddess sat side by side.

If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?

It depends on where we were, as the location is important too. I’d like to collaborate with John Lennon because I love the “Strawberry Fields” era. I’d collaborate with Bono or Bob Dylan in the Mojave Desert or with Sheryl Crow sitting in the Soho area where all the artists paint. I’d also like to collaborate with people like me. I may write a song with the lead singer from the band La Ley.

What’s your favorite song that you have written?

I go through phases. Right now “Woman on Top” is my favorite. It’s really exciting to perform and makes women get up and dance. I love it because it’s spunky and cheeky and I’ve arrived at a place as a woman where I can sing that. All of the Rolling Stones’ songs are about being the dude around town and this is the opposite. We all have a male and female part to ourselves and it’s important that they are in balance. As a woman you don’t have to be passive; you can also look for satisfaction. I like “Black Roses” because it’s soulful and pure in a way and it came out of rock and roll roots. “You Don’t Want a Girl Like Me” is fun and rebellious and the rock riffs are really catchy. Each song that I write is like a little victory because each song liberates me from something in a way. With “Woman on Top” maybe I was on the bottom before and with “Hard Habit” maybe I was addicted.

What words do you live by?

“Live your bliss.” Find out what your thing is, and do it. Life is short and if you’re healthy and have the capacity to do whatever you want, you have to seize the moment. If you dream of being an artist, do it. We would have a much happier planet if everyone was living their bliss. Also “don’t work, see the world.” Another one I like is “shoot for the stars, and end up on Venus.”

When exactly will Woman on Top be released? What differences can we expect to see from your 2006 album Beautiful to Be Alive?

The full album Woman on Top will be released in January 2011. This album will be a lot more spunky and competitive. It has a lot more mojo because I’ve got a lot more mojo; I grew into myself as a woman.

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