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Entourage, The Complete Fourth Season
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Entourage, The Complete Fourth Season could be called the Medellin season. Vince and the boys are embroiled in the making of this South American masterpiece, being fueled by the ego of director, greasy-haired Bill Walsh (Rhys Coiro). If you’ve watched this popular HBO show you’ll know the actor Vincent Chase and his New York buddies-his ‘entourage’-have been angling, cajoling and dealing to get the movie of Pablo Escobar’s life made with Vince in the starring role. Interestingly enough I thought these 12 episodes would be taken up with the actual making of the movie-within-the-cable-show, but really only one episode was.

Highlights include: the episode “Mailbooty,” with an ending (pardon the pun) that’s sure to get you quivering…poor Johnny Drama!; some great back-and-forth over the entire season with the crazy Harvey Weingard (played by veteran Maury Chaykin) and some more great Lloyd stuff (played by the amazing Rex Lee), Ari’s assistant in “The WeHo Ho” episode. The moment that got me laughing the most was at the conclusion of the episode “The Day F***ers,” with Johnny Drama again caught in a mess that you have see to believe! This DVD set has some interesting bonus material too, including a “Making-of” Medellin like it was a real movie (pretty cool stuff) and a “U.S. Comedy Arts Festival” panel featuring the cast and makers of Entourage. The quipping back and forth goes on a little long for my tastes but this is a nice causal panel discussion between all these very talented men who make the show come alive. There’s also the usual audio commentary for single episodes, provided by Doug Ellin, the show’s creator/exec. Producer, Kevin Connolly (E), Kevin Dillon (Johnny Drama), Jerry Ferrara (Turtle) and the big star of the show Adrian Grenier (Vince).

Not to forget the women here though. While a lot of the girls who come and go on the show are more or less ‘eye candy,’ I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Perrey Reeves, who plays Mrs. Ari. She’s a great looking lady but beyond that she has the entire Hollywood housewife thing down, pushing Ari’s buttons at just the right point to really get Piven’s character twirling. Perrey Reeves, like Rex Lee, makes Entourage as good as it is.

You’ll need Entourage, The Complete Fourth Season to complete your library of this infamous HBO show. If you’re new to Vince and the boys, you can jump right on here and get to the heart of what’s happening with an over-all pretty meaty season. As it has been from the beginning of Entourage, HBO has a hit here and delivers a stunning fourth season package.

Ralph Greco, Jr.

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