Short and Sweet NYC

Nickel Fire Insurance After Shave Cream

Keep your skin smooth and non-irritated

Men’s skin care is relegated mostly to one arena: the art of shaving. Centuries of shaving still have yet to produce the flawlessly smooth, anti-inflammatory shave. Just think what shaving is… multiple blades are literally running across your most sensitive organ day in and day out; typically followed by products containing irritants like alcohol. This routine is cause for a 3 alarm fire on your face, hence the term razor burn. Nickel for Men presents Fire Insurance After Shave Cream to extinguish the post shave heat. Two principal ingredients are at work here; corn oil acts as a calming effect and allantoin as a moisturizer. This silky, hydrating lotion squelches any cinders to instantly cool the skin while acting as a non-irritating moisturizer.


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