The Daily Shortlist December 3


Original Soundtrack Photo by Tim Shore

Location: Park Slope, Brooklyn
Bands: Original Soundtrack by Brian Joseph Davis
Show time: 8 PM
Venue: Issue Project Room
Food: Chiles & Chocolate Oaxacan Kitchen Drink
Drink: The Gate
Miscellaneous: Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.

Sound artist and writer Brian Joseph Davis brings an unconventional live performance featuring 20 television sets and DVD players. The DVD players have different movies stuck on their menu page featuring endlessly looping film music, which creates a wall of cinematic sound. Speaking of interesting, ever have Oaxacan food? Chiles & Chocolate serves up some fantastic, not exactly Mexican food. Try the smoky flavored Mole Negro, one of the best mole sauces I’ve had in NYC. Before leaving, you must try one of the hot chocolates like the Chiles Y Chocolate. A hint of chipotle without too much heat is a nice kick-start for the night. The Gate is a great Park Slope bar with excellent beers on tap and a outdoor courtyard to chill. If time permits, you must, and I mean MUST go to the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co., a non-profit organization that helps kids with their writing, that’s fronted by a store selling super powers.

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