Urban Decay Lipstick


A fiunky design is just the start with this lipstick

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Urban Decay’s lipstick packaging makes for an easy “I spy!” moment in the cosmetics drawer or handbag. Urban Decay reinvents lipstick tubes by creating a bulky, violet metal package with a gunmetal dagger at the end. Is it more about the presentation or the product? Urban Decay has continuously been the vanguard when it comes to their color palates, particularly with names like Gash and Jailbait. The application is creamy and rich, but its claims of extended wear fall short (much like the majority of lip product claims). Extended wear is virtually impossible for lip products as you are constantly moving your mouth through the day).

In tradition with Urban Decay philosophies, the lipsticks have one ingredient over other similar products: hyaluronic acids. Hyaluronic acids or spheres are the latest technology in dermal fillers. This lipstick not only colors your lips kissable, but also hydrates and temporarily fills in any wrinkles or lines.


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