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Spin City, The Complete First Season
(Shout Factory)

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There was a time when Michael J. Fox was a very hot commodity. The “Family Ties” sitcom, “Back To The Future” movies, (even that “Teen Wolf” movie) Fox was the guy with his young good looks, quick wit and amazing physicality who became very very popular. Lately we know Fox from his very public battle with Parkinson’s and his raising public awareness for a cure. He hasn’t really been on TV or in movies because of his illness but the diminutive actor is not soon forgotten. His last foray on a sitcom, the much beloved Spin City, has just had its first season released on DVD.

Partnering once again with “Family Ties” executive producer/creator Gary David Goldberg, Fox played the Deputy Mayor of New York City to Barry Bostwicks’ wacky Mayor Randall Winston. 24 episodes, including the pilot, are included on this four-disk set, plus commentary by various members of the ensemble, a special feature called “The Spin” where cast and creators discuss the first season and “Prime-Time Partners-Michael J. Fox and Gary David Goldberg,” a piece made up of highlights from The Paley Center for Media Seminar presented in December of 1996, the year the show first went on the air.

Of course, it is the episodes that we really care about here. Shows like “A Star Is Born” where it’s found out the Mayor smoked pot way back when, “Starting Over” where Fox’s character returns back into the dating world (his on/off love relationships would be a running joke on S.C. and feature a bevy of beautiful ladies for Fox to play off of), and “The Mayor Who Came to Dinner” with special guest star (and this show had a lot of them) Isaac Mizrahi.

Spin City, The Complete First Season is a must-have for anyone who loves Michael J. Fox, mid 90’s television, solid sitcoms and great ensemble comedies. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the cast here as well. Along with Fox and Bostwick, Richard Kind, Alan Ruck (Cameron from “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off), Michael Boatman’s gay activist minority affairs man, Connie Britton and Alexander Chaplin made Spin City a very special show and one worth owning.

Ralph Greco, Jr.

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