The Daily Shortlist January 1


Starting off 2009 by swimming in the waters of Coney Island is not for everyone

Location: Coney Island, Brooklyn
Bands: Coney Island Polar Bear Swim
Show time: 8 PM
Venue: Coney Island
Food: Nathan’s Famous
Drink: Ruby’s Old Tyme Bar and Grill
Miscellaneous: Brooklyn Cyclones

Today is generally known as national recovery day as most are hung over from celebrating NYE into the wee hours of the morning. But if your feeling like starting 2009 off with a shock to the system, or say you made a crazy bet while drunk off your ass, then you’ll most likely be heading for the water with the Coney Island Polar Bear Swim, where mobs of people in bathing suits storm Coney Islands waters. I have no idea why they do that either. While you may not be Kobayashi, eating a hot dog, a corn dog, or even cheese fries at Nathan’s Famous goes back several generations. Expect long lines, but it’ll be worth it! Not just a tradition but an institution on the boardwalk, Ruby’s is a great dive bar for cheap drinks and watching local drunks belt out Rat Pack songs. Even if this minor league Mets team isn’t playing a baseball game, The Brooklyn Cyclones stadium is worth the short walk over on the boardwalk to check out it’s size and beauty.

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