The Daily Shortlist January 12


Mercedes Ruehl stars in The American Plan.

Location: Midtown West, NYC
Theater: The American Plan
Show time: See venue website for dates and times
Venue: Samuel J. Friedman Theatre
Food: Swizz
Drink: Russian Vodka Room
Miscellaneous: Zip Burger

The American Plan takes place during the early 1960s in the Catskill Mountains, home of the Borscht Belt, where comedians were entertaining at every resort with a tennis court and a buffet. The story focuses on Lili Adler and her mother Eva who live across the lake from a busy hotel. When Lili starts falling in love with a stranger, her over-bearing mother tries to interfere, causing drama. Starring Kieran Campion, Austin Lysy, Brenda Pressley, Lily Rabe and Mercedes Ruehl. For fans of fondue, Swizz is where it’s at. Try the Traditional Cheese Fondue (serves two) with Gruyere and Emmenthal cheeses, served with cubed bread ($40). When it comes to making great vodka, at the Russian Vodka Room, the menu says it all as they offer 53 different vodka’s not including their 10 specially infused flavors like strawberry, ginger, and if you’re feeling bold, garlic, pepper, and dill. If your looking for a burger with lot’s of extra’s, then check out Zip Burger, where farm-raised, organic/grass-fed meat and poultry help them create a better burger. Burgers start at a mere $4.50 but can get dangerously expensive depending on your toppings.

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