DVD REVIEW: Denise Austin Fitness DVDs: Get Fit Daily Dozen and Body Burn with Dance and Pilates

Denise Austin: Get Fit Daily Dozen and Denise Austin: Body Burn with Dance and Pilates
(Lions Gate)

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How could you not love Denise Austin? With her slightly raspy voice, high-energy, non-intimidating workouts, the lady really is kinda cute, even when her hair is flipping or she is producing a slight sheen on her taut stomach and her high firm butt begins to…sorry, I digress. With her Body Burn with Dance and Pilates and her Get Fit Daily Dozen DVDs the blonde-haired fitness guru is doing all in her power to get us off our couches, down on the floor or jumpin’, twistin’, clappin’, producing a slight sheen on our soon-to-be taut stomachs as our high firm butts begin to…sorry, I digress.

The Body Burn DVD contains three workouts: “Cardio Dance”-a half hour dance routine of twists, shakes and kicks; “Pilates Standing”-a 10 min short with light weights and moves, done while standing and the “Pilates Mat”-another 10-minute workout, focusing on abs.

The second DVD, Get Fit Daily Dozen is centered around the concept of a workout each day of the week, to be done in 12 minutes; Denise wants to get you sweatin’ and then out the door! Since there is a workout for each day that means there should be…come on kids you can figure this out with me…seven in all, right? Nah, Denise tricked you (and me, but I’m not hard to trick) there are six, Sat and Sunday she has her “Yoga Stretch” making the weekend easier. Monday’s “Cardio-Athletic Fast Blast (quite the cardio workout actually) or Thursday’s “Upper Body Sculpt/Abs” will get you movin’ and groovin’ though, again in 12 minutes!

I like the fact that with each tape you can dial-up Denise helping you along or mute her voice and go with just music. I like how the programs appear easy to use in the menu, and lastly I really do like Denise Austin. These workouts are effective at rising a sweat and causing you to huff and puff in a small amount of time, so there is a sheen on your taut stomach, and your high firm butt begins too…sorry, I digress.

Ralph Greco, Jr.

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