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Chewed Up
Louis C.K.
(Image Entertainment)

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Chewed Up is an appropriate title for Louis C.K.’s most recent hour long comedy DVD because hitting the age of 40, in Louis’s eyes, seems to leave you a beaten, worn-down man. The performance, shot near the comic’s childhood neighborhood at Boston’s Berklee Performance Center, premiered on Showtime in October. The set focuses mostly on Louis’s observations as he transitions into his 40s along with his wife and kids. Louis, who now resides in New York, is a well-respected veteran comic who fans might know from the Opie and Anthony radio show or his HBO series Lucky Louie. Louie has made a name for himself over the years as a director and writer, working with luminaries such as Dave Letterman and Chris Rock, winning an Emmy Award in the process.

The show begins with some commentary on some of our culture’s best-known derogatory terms such as “the N word” and Louis makes some insightful, Carlin-esque points on the words. The material then moves into the more personal arena of Louis’s life and the changes and realizations that come with growing older. He has some very funny comments on gaining weight and overeating, stating “the meals not over when I’m full, the meal is over when I hate myself.” He also talks about going to the doctor and how they don’t try to fix anything after your 40 (when his ankle hurt his doctor prescribed tons of Aleve because he had a “shit ankle” and there was nothing else to do about it).

There’s one point in the special where Louis takes a turn down a very strange, dark path in talking about his young daughters and how it didn’t matter if anyone listened to anything they said. The comments seem to be coming from an honest place so the audience stays with him as he continues to talk about cleaning feces out his daughter’s vagina and some other strange realities of parenting that don’t come in the pamphlet. He closes out the show talking about how he has grown to love older “chewed up” women instead of girls and brings an interesting perspective that you don’t hear everyday.

In all the comedy is funny and relatable especially for anyone out there who’s married with children. In some ways, the special might be seen as a public service message to all of us single, childless people out there because the insights into growing older will certainly drive us to live life to the fullest while we can. Louis is currently on tour so you can also check him out live with upcoming shows in North Jersey and when he returns he is a regular at local venues like Caroline’s.

Tim Needles

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