New Features on Short and Sweet NYC


I just added two new features to the site that I think you’ll like!

The first is a new sidebar section called The Daily Download, where you will be able to listen and download music from new acts and old favorites who have albums coming out. Running an entertainment website, I get alot of free MP3s from record labels to post on the site so now I’ll be posting the one’s I really like on a near daily basis for you to enjoy.

The second feature, (also a sidebar section) allows you to befriend Short and Sweet NYC on Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter, so you can stay in touch with us, write funny messages, and leave comments. Join us. We like you and want to hear what you think.

Short and Sweet NYC on MyspaceShort and Sweet NYC on FacebookShort and Sweet NYC on Twitter

DaVe Lipp
Managing Editor

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