Priori CoffeeBerry Brightening Facial Complex: Coffeeberry Complex Eclaircissant Visage


Please don’t ask me what “Eclaircissant Visage” means. All I can guess is that despite phonetics, it doesn’t have anything to do with an éclair, at least not the dessert kind. But when it comes to skincare and wrinkle-clearing solutions, most of us aren’t really looking to spread sugar-saturated icing on our faces anyway.

Priori prides itself on offering “bioengineered skincare,” that uses “top anti-aging technology” and is marketed to the “eco-conscious, earth friendly consumer.” Priori comes from Latin, meaning, “cause to effect,” and its line of skincare includes “cosmeceuticals, superceuticals and natureceuticals” (again I must apologize, as translation for these highly scientific terms appear to be unfortunately unavailable).

CoffeeBerry, according to the Priori website, is a “Natureceutical” made from antioxidants that contain three times the potency of antioxidants in green tea. Although I am not experienced with using green-tea based skin products, I can confirm that Priori’s CoffeeBerry Brightening Facial Complex face moisturizer is replenishing, and also happens to be pleasantly light and not at all greasy. The pump bottle is user-friendly and will last a long time, as only two applications of two-pumps’ worth of product are necessary on a daily basis. Finally, a quick trip to the Prior website will also clearly demonstrate the clinically proven efficacy of the product, not to mention a few fun photos of coffee berries.

Indeed it is no dessert filling, however sweet the scent, and thankfully no dictionary is needed upon application. That being said, this light product is smooth and easy-to-use. Call me in a few more years to find out whether it’s guaranteed anti-aging success is legit.

Jessica Stein

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