The Daily Shortlist February 11


Location: Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Art: Ron Leach: Drawings and Paintings
Show time: 7:30 PM
Venue: Cornichon
Food: SEA
Drink: Zablozki’s
Miscellaneous: Hugs

Check out master painter Ron Leach’s exhibition of drawings and paintings at Cornichon as he shows his current body of work focusing on women and portraits, still lifes, and pastels. With a great sense of color and an interesting slant on the portrait, his work is a fresh take on classic subject matter. Just as much fun as any show and just as big a venue, SEA is one BIG Thai restaurant. Big enough to have a pool surrounded by tables as a giant Buddha stands above it. Luckily, the food is really great. Offering traditional Pad Thai ($7) to more involved dishes like the Mummy Fish ($14). On N6th, a street full of bars and restaurants, Zablozki’s is the local bar of the bunch, with a pool table and a friendly atmosphere and 12 beers on tap. What looks like some dark basement with tables and some couches, Hugs will end up being a dance party with an awkward blend of music genres that you will grow to love quickly.

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