The Weekend Shortlist February 13 to 15


What would Friday the 13th be without a new Jason flick?

Friday February 13

Location: West Village, NYC
Bands: Wordless Music Festival Presents Jefferson Friedman + Craig Wedren
Show time: 10:30 PM
Venue: (Le) Poisson Rouge
Food: Koo Sushi
Drink: Blind Tiger Ale House
Miscellaneous: Peanut Butter & Co.

Maybe you don’t know Jefferson Friedman’s name but you may remember the band he played keyboard/backing vocals in briefly called Shudder to Think, which disbanded in the late 1990s. Now a composer, Friedman takes the stage at (Le) Poisson Rouge to perform his composition of On in Love, a 15-minute, 3-song work for amplified and processed flute, clarinet, string quartet, piano and percussion, with lyrics written and performed by Craig Wedren, former Shudder lead singer. Also tonight Wedren will perform John Cage’s Aria plus a solo set; and ACME in Andriessen’s Workers’ Union. A little known sushi joint, Koo Sushi offers affordable and fantastic fish with an impressive number of specialty rolls. For a bar that looks like any other, Blind Tiger Ale House offers an impressive number of beers including draught, bottled, cask and one called Louise’s Bloody Beer. Try it if you dare! If you’re in the mood for some comfort food, Peanut Butter & Co., offers some PB heavy hitters like the Elvis, a PB, banana, and bacon sandwich that tastes better than it sounds.

Friday February 13

Location: Union Square, NYC
Film: Friday the 13th
Show time: See theater website for dates and times
Venue: Regal Union Square Stadium 14
Food: Thai Me Up Sandwich Bar
Drink: McSorley’s Old Ale House
Miscellaneous: Mudd Cafe

Looks like Jason Voorhees is back and reimagined rather than rehashed though the story is all too familiar. Catch the Camp Crystal Lake killer go after another group of curious kids on one of the scariest days known. What would Friday the 13th be anyways without a Jason flick? For eats, check out Thai Me Up Sandwich Bar, a sandwich shop offering Thai sandwiches with 7 Steamed Fried Vegetables and a choice of chicken, veggie, tofu or beef on a baguette with 3 types of sauces for $7. One of the city’s oldest bars, you can feel the history when you enter as memorabilia, since its beginnings in 1854, are all over the walls. Aside from it being a frat hangout nowadays, it’s worth the trip. You’ve seen that orange Mudd coffee truck parked on Astor Place and on various other streets, but check out their café on East 9th for coffee and a healthy, vegan, and vegetarian menu.

Saturday February 14

Location: Chelsea, NYC
Bands: ‘Rejected’ Valentine’s Day Heartbreak Haven
Show time: 10:30 PM
Venue: Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre
Food: Supermac
Drink: Stout
Miscellaneous: Jack’s 99 Cent Store

Well it’s that time of the year to break out the chocolates and flowers and do something romantic like everyone else or you can check out what makes all the heartache surrounding this holiday funny. UCB’s Rejection Show celebrates the release of it’s new book Rejected: Tales of the Failed Dumped & Canceled with love song karaoke, live music, FREE BEER and a party. Though small, Supermac packs a hearty punch with it’s gourmet mac & cheese’s like the Mac Cheesesteak with shaved steak, caramelized onions, roasted peppers, cremini/shitake, provolone, and white American ($8.25 mini; $10.95 mega). A great place in NYC to get a full-bodied dark beer is at Stout. With a very detailed beer list with descriptions, I’ve never had a bad pint at this bar and restaurant, plus the food menu is American and quite good. Probably the biggest 99-cent store in NYC, Jack’s is three floors of some of the finest values you can find, especially in an overpriced area like Herald Square.

Saturday February 14

Location: Park Slope, Brooklyn
Bands: Jennifer O’Connor Get Tickets Here
Show time: 7 PM
Venue: Southpaw
Food: El Viejo Yayo
Drink: Buttermilk Bar
Miscellaneous: The Chocolate Room

On her fourth studio album Here With Me, singer/songwriter Jennifer O’Connor brings an air of hope and a full backing band compared to her previous acoustic effort, meaning that her live show will no doubt have something for everyone. Keeping the night going with Latin flavor, try El Viejo Yayo for dinner. This gorgeous and warm restaurant has an elegant dining room and an affordable menu offering Dominican/Latin cuisine. The outside of Buttermilk Bar may look non-descript, but looks are deceiving . . . just not in this case, as this low-key watering hole is where you can grab a cheap drink in a friendly atmosphere, while playing a board game or two. With a near insane menu of chocolates from coffee and tea to delectable dessert, and even beer, The Chocolate Room is a great way to end the night on a high note.

Sunday February 15

Location: Greenpoint, Brooklyn
Bands: Brooklyn Record Riot
Show time: 10 AM
Venue: Warsaw
Food: Wasabi
Drink: Bar Matchless
Miscellaneous: The original Soupman

For true music collector’s you can’t deny the fact that vinyl brings the warmest sounds out of any band, and on a Sunday, what better way to spend it than with fellow vinyl enthusiasts digging through the crates looking for some rare gems as around 40 dealers from as far away as Montreal supply the wax. There will even be DJs spinning and food and drinks. There’s a lot of restaurants popping up in Greenpoint nowadays. The Japanese restaurant Wasabi has been there before many of them and serves up some of the best sushi in that hood. A good local bar, Bar Matchless is that low-key place where you can chill, get a drink and not have to scream at the top of your lungs to make conversation. He’s been called “The Soup Nazi” on Seinfeld, but Al Yeganeh knows how to make soup. Try the Lobster bisque, it’s the best I’ve ever had, and don’t forget to follow his rules or “No Soup for You!”

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