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If it’s not already readily apparent from the news and recession-sales popping up all over the city, the economy isn’t exactly in it’s healthiest state. However, just because the economy is currently under-the-weather doesn’t mean our skin has to take a toll as well! Thankfully Alberto Culver Multicultural Brands offers wallet-friendly products (all are under $10!) including hair and skin-smoothing moisturizers whose quality definitely exceed their less-than-$10 market value!

Soft and Beautiful Moisture Soft Hand Cream is made of replenishing almond butter and conditioning cocoa and shea butters. Despite this reviewer’s fear of overpowering scent, the product proved to be pleasantly aromatic and not overpowering in the slightest. My only objection is that it does leave a somewhat greasy coating after application.

Soft and Beautiful Moisture Soft Body Butter resembles the line’s hand cream insofar as it similarly exhibits a light, tasteful scent; however, unlike the moisture cream, the body butter comes in a small tub and is a very thick consistency (read: this one means business). Just a few finger-tip-fuls of this product applied to any scaly patch of skin is guaranteed to be instantly moisturized and protected from winter’s harm for at least 24-hours. Those looking for a serious moisturizer that is budget-friendly and not likely to scare off your significant other need not look further!

Soft and Beautiful Hair Gloss is a triple-hydration oil made up of olive, shea and safflower oils that combine to protect against damaging split ends and create an overall glossy, frizz-free look. Fortunately, despite being made up entirely of oils, the results do not appear greasy (probably only as long as the user abides by the “less-is-more” approach to application). Use either before or following a hair straightener for best results.

Jessica Stein

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