Beauty Without Cruelty Facial Cleanser & Toner


During a recent snow storm, I was trapped and I ran out of product. I was unable to get to a MAC store and the nearby store with skin care was Whole Foods. Although I knew they had a cosmetics aisle, I assumed it would be filled with neo-hippy products. I stumbled upon the simple product line Beauty Without Cruelty, or BWC as seen on its packaging. I was stunned over the price of this product line compared to my department store products; up to 60% less! I purchased the organic aromatherapy facial cleanser and balancing toner. The facial cleanser is a 3% alpha hydroxy product for normal to oily skin.
BWC products are about as pure as pure can get: all organic, 100% vegan, nothing synthetic, paraben free, no animal testing, and pH balanced. The cleanser has the runniness and texture of liquid soap, but packs a powerful punch. It was strong enough yet soothing to remove MAC’s toughest foundation. The cleanser doesn’t contain any detergents, so don’t expect it to lather. The key ingredient in both products is an Oshadi essential oil. The toner is a very straightforward toner formulated with a botanical recipe and no alcohol. It left my skin feeling refreshed and removed any residue after washing my face. BWC is a classic, basic skin care line that gets the job done at a fraction of the cost of department store brands.


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