From the beginning of this outrageous comedy, it’s quite clear that the film’s main target demographic is most likely male high schoolers. Using the tried and true road trip/buddy picture/straight man/zany man angle, one can almost imagine the pair of writer/directors/starring actors (Zach Creggor and Trevor Moore) pitching the craziest off the wall scenes to one another and probably busting up laughing a whole lot. Both hail from the IFC sketch comedy team The Whitest Kids You Know, and while their film Miss March does hold a hint of the randomly associative hilarity of that program; at the end of the day the majority of gags are physical comedy sprinkled with dick and shit jokes laid over a narrative that has getting laid and hyper-sexual fantasy at its core.

To be fair, I had no idea what to expect of the film, as I didn’t know much about it, save it was a comedy. I definitely laughed at certain scenes/gags; it wasn’t all super cringe worthy. Indeed, both Zach Creggor and Trevor Moore came off as very talented and pretty funny more often than not and I thought they were quite likable.

Unfortunately, the sheer oppressiveness of the film focused on displaying women as objects, is about high tailing it to the Playboy Mansion to confront the long lost girlfriend, which was almost like a straight jacket on the comedy. Make no mistake, there is a lot of suggestive sexual content in the film and regularly shown nudity; it’s total male fantasy.

Oddly, there were parts of the narrative that I thought could’ve been played up to make a fuller film. One of the main character’s obvious discomfort and anxiety with sex and his relationship to an older brother whose odd circumstances seem to be the root cause of the problem stands out, though this thread was dropped very early on. Also, the film starts in suburban South Carolina, a state with a pretty heavy rep, and I was unsure at first if the whole circumstances of the flick were supposed to be regarded as satire by audiences. But that notion was quickly defeated.

Miss March hits theaters on March 13th. Check Fandango for the schedule to see when and where it will be playing near you.

Kenneth Joachim

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