I WAS THERE . . . Miracles of Modern Science @ Mercury Lounge, 3.8.09

In a single-file line, the Miracles of Modern Science (MOMS) jogged onto the stage at the Mercury Lounge; the shimmer of silver-and-white space suits humbling the halogens overhead. By the looks of their intergalactic gear, one might suspect MOMS to be a futuristic, electronica band…that is until they pick up their instruments of yesteryear. In this age of the Mac-toting, Serato-dependent “musician,” all became good again as a violin, a double bass, a cello, a mandolin, and a drum-set shook the stage to its analog core. Crowd favorites like “Eating Me Alive” and “MR2” prove MOMS’ ability to embrace the tradition of their instruments, allowed them to become the captain’s wheel of this self-proclaimed ‘civil war string band shot into outer space on a disco ball spaceship. Strings are plucked and frets are batted with timely fingers, building up to orchestral peaks so catchy that you’ll replay them in your mind days after. Alongside the hearty strings and astute arrangements, well-written lyrics tell stories of everything from the Wild West whistling battle of “524,” and unfortunate amputations (thanks to gangrene) in “Didit,” and “Space Choppers.” This is versatility at its best.

The unpretentious renewal of these classic instruments combined with smart lyrics creates an antique portrait with modern brushstrokes (or rather bow-strokes). For this reason, the Miracles of Modern Science are uniquely accessible.

Visit their myspace to download their EP for free.

Nicole Velasco

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