Physicians Formula Plump Potion

By now I believe that many of us have resolved that we will not be marrying Brad Pitt or adopting multiple children from name-your-ethnicity.org (or whatever the adoption agency is really called). However perfect and impossible she may seem to replicate, a new product on the market allows us to not give up on achieving one of Angelina’s other most signature assets. I am referring to her impossibly plump lips.

It looks like regular lipstick, but Physicians Formula Plump Potion is no ordinary stick of pigment. As promised by its promotional label, results are rather instant. Following application of the product, after just a short moment of a tingling sensation, my lips appeared magically enhanced. Sure, I was concerned of the see-what-I-want psychological factor to the product, but overall I have to say this plumper truly proved its ability to pump up these smackers needle-free, as guaranteed by the box (and the fact that I don’t have needles lying around my apartment). Furthermore, for those concerned about the potential of Lisa Rinna-esque results, and for the record, no such ballooning took place. Thus, for safe, botox-free lip enhancement, the safe and effective way to achieve that Angelina pout seems to be just one purchase away.

Jessica Stein

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