The Daily Shortlist March 17


Nothing says Happy St. Patrick’s Day like a cheesy graphic!

Location: Midtown West, NYC
Bands: Black 47 Get Tickets Here
Show time: 7 PM
Venue: B.B. King Blues Club & Grill
Food: Whistlin’ Dixie’s Texas Tavern
Drink: Druids
Miscellaneous: Ruby et Violette

Happy St. Patricks Day! If you aren’t already drunk or haven’t had your green beer yet, then maybe spending the evening with Celtic rockers Black 47 might encourage you to celebrate this Irish holiday the right way, in the company of one of the best Irish bands around. With different drink specials for every day of the week and a Tex-mex menu, you’re almost guaranteed a good time at Whistlin’ Dixie’s Texas Tavern. The atmosphere here is fun and the food and drink aren’t expensive. With a beautiful backyard patio for dining and a menu featuring American and Irish faves like sirloin burgers ($8) and Guinness Beef Tenderloin Stew ($19), Druids is a great neighborhood bar in a less than great neighborhood. Specializing in cookies, Ruby et Violette makes some amazing and inventive kinds like the traditional chocolate chunk and toffee with vanilla chunks.

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