The Daily Shortlist March 31


Location: Lower East Side, NYC
Bands: Mixed Change
Show time: 9 PM
Venue: B Side Bar
Food: Clinton Street Baking Company & Restaurant
Drink: Verlaine
Miscellaneous: Gus’s Pickles

Mixed Change is a monthly mixtape exchange party and a great way to find new music and meet new people on the cheap. The concept here is simple and fun: make a mix using the provided theme, this month’s being b-sides, bring it to the party, and exchange it for someone else’s mix. With cheap drink specials, free admission, and a DJ set by Cassetenova, how can you pass this one up on a Tuesday? For din-din, check out Clinton Street Baking Company & Restaurant. Serving up sandwiches, omelletes, and baked goods for breakfast and lunch, for dinner expect the likes of Pan Seared Halibut with sweet corn succotash, herb roasted tomatoes, and summer squash ($19). Named after the poet Paul Verlaine, the bar offers an asian food and drink menu. While you can’t order the absinthe that probably helped kill the poet, you can order drinks like the El Chupacabra, which is better tasting with a kick of its own. If you like pickles, Guss’ Pickles has been around since 1910, it’s a landmark spot, and still makes a great pickle.

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