BOOZE: Three Olives Vodka


British vodka maker Three Olives who puts out a wide variety of inexpensive super-premium flavors of vodka, offer 16 flavors that run the gamut from fruits like Watermelon and Pomegranate to Chocolate, Triple Shot Espresso, and even Tomato. I recently had the chance to taste their grape, cherry, and root beer flavored vodka’s, which I found to be not just refreshing but great to mix. Though the flavors stand well enough on their own, tasting more natural than artificial, mix the Cherry with an energy drink and you have the “Three-O Cherry bomb.” Mix the Grape with orange juice and you have a “Grapedriver.” Mix the Root Beer with a half pint of Ale and you have a “British Car Bomb.” Simple as that. If you go to the site Three Olives, you can download a PDF with more than 70 recipes for all the flavors. If you can’t afford the top shelf vodka’s all the time, Three Olives offers up a comparable tasting alternative for less that half the price, with most of their vodka’s in the $22-$30 range. Happy boozing!

Another reason to like Three Olives is the fact that they are giving away $10,000 for your best “O-Face!” Not only that, but the winner gets to be THE face of their new “O-Face” campaign. Show ‘em your best “O-Face” and you could be flown to NY, get the VIP treatment and be the face of the national ad campaign.

For more info on the contest, check their website.

DaVe Lipp

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