Foot Petals

Foot Petals help protect your feet whether your on the go or hosting a party.

As an annual tradition for my birthday, I like to torture myself.

I plan elaborate get-togethers, inevitably on the rainiest day of April, rent out spaces I can’t afford and always- Always- wear my most uncomfortable pair of shoes.

The thing is: I love my gold strappy sandals with the 3 1/2 inch heels. They make me look goddess-esque, but more importantly, TALL, and what else was going to compliment my gorgeous, new, emerald-green Kate Moss for Top Shop dress so well? Clearly, nothing.

The problem is those straps chafe, and we walk everywhere in Brooklyn because pollution is so George W., and did I mention it rained all the way to sushi and then all the way to the hippest loft party of the season? Rain equals slippery insoles and gratuitous foot-sliding.

Determined to look damn cute anyways, and also TALL, I slipped in some heart-shaped Foot Petals Tip Toes ball-of-foot cushions as a last ditch effort to keep my feet snugly in place and thwart the blisters and subsequent scars that usually fade only in time for next year’s big soiree.

Maybe, just maybe it was the soothing haze of several Japanese mint mojitos, but I’ll be damned if my feet didn’t feel cradled in comfort for seven hours of hostessing and that’s including two hours of Elaine Bennis-style dancing.

I woke up on my carpet the next morning without a single mark surrounding my perfect pedicure and rejoiced in the pain-free passage of my 27th year.

Rochelle Fainstein

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