NYPH 2009- New York Photo Festival


The photograph of a businessman having his ass eaten out by a man at a public bus-stop and the image of blood soaked gay seduction complete with pounds of exposed intestines might very well startle some viewers or kill grandma but some how it feels right at home in the renovated factory space located in the six or so blocks on either side of the Manhattan bridge, better known as DUMBO. The images by Steven Miller and Bruce Labruce are part of one of the more sensational collections entitled “Gay Men Play,” curated by Chris Boot, in this year’s New York Photo Festival which runs through May 17.

The festival has a number of different exhibitions, workshops, talks, and events on hand which focus primarily on the future of the photographic medium. Well known photographers such as Eugene Richards and Lauren Greenfield will be making their way to the stage as well as representatives from some of the photographic establishments which are tuned into the cutting edge of the medium such as Aperture and JPG magazine.

Some of the highlights of the festival include Jon Levy’s curatorial show “Home For Good” which focuses on the many forms of visual storytelling, Veronique Bourgoin’s “Magic Trick” which shows off the wonder of the soon to be deceased Polaroid, and the work at the Randall Scott Gallery (especially the series by Brad Harris and Henry Leutwyler) all of which have a documentary edge to them. Also, make sure to check out William A. Ewing’s “We Are All Photographers Now” which is a projection of the very diverse work of anyone and everyone who submits it online and well might be the most interesting show in the festival.

Tim Needles

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