BeingTrue Hy-Performance Mascara


During the first few days of sampling BeingTrue Hy-Performance mascara, a friend of mine asked whether I would be seeing a “gentleman caller” that day, which was rather perplexing, as the question was asked entirely out of any relevant context. Upon further inquiry on my part, my friend explained that she asked because surely such mascara would only be adorned for one such an occasion.

On its website, BeingTrue rather accurately boasts that the Hy-Performance Mascara, valued at $22.00, offers volume, length and curl “all in one,” and a brush that “offers the ultimate in lash separation and elongation.” Furthermore, this BeingTrue product conditions, is humidity-resistant, flake-free and paraben-free. The promotional materials are almost entirely true, as my lashes absolutely benefited from volume, length, and curl upon the brush’s smooth application. The only drawback is a slight propensity for spider eyes. That, and it is only available in obsidian, and thus any users partial to dark brown or other tints are subject to the loss of color selection.

Overall, results are pleasantly dramatic and clearly are noticeably enhancing. While friends are certainly bound to notice the lash improvement, I’m afraid I cannot attest to whether such an impression will be made on the gentlemen callers.

Jessica Stein

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