Lipstick Queen: Saints & Medieval Lipsticks


I am easily drawn to anything regal, so it was only instinctive that I found the line Lipstick Queen. This divine, unassuming lipstick line was created by a customer for customers. The Australian creator with the catchy name – Poppy King – frequently states that she is not a makeup artist or chemist; she is just a girl fixated with lips with an industrial spirit. Poppy King started her line at the age of 18 on a quest to create perfect lips with a hint of 1940’s glamour. I introduced myself to the Saints color line first. The Saints is 10% pigment with a sheer finish. The application is utterly smooth, moist, and simply rich. There was no bleeding or movement throughout the day, even my coffee cup had only a hint of lip stain. Queen’s tagline proves true, “stick with me and my lipstick will stick with you.” All Lipstick Queen products are gluten free and no animal testing; think vegetarian lipstick. Next, I tried the Medieval lip treatment. The inspiration behind this product comes from the medieval era when it was immoral to wear lip color. It is a lip treatment infused with Vitamin E and some pigment. Medieval was just as winning as the Saints. Lipstick Queen products are, by far, the best lipsticks I have ever used for application and resilience. The color palate is limited to ten colors and the price point is on the higher end – starting at $18.


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