Clinique SPF 30 Body Cream & Rescue Balm

This season, Clinique is offering a variety of products under its Clinique Sun line, all of which are designed with SolarSmart UV protection, a formula specially created with 3:1 UVB:UVA protection. This “Proprietary SolarSmart Technology” is designed with “photoblend sunscreens,” specially formulated to ensure a perfect balance of protection essential for the prevention of skin cancers and other aging effects of the sun.

SPF 30 Body Cream

Ever since blueberries and green tea it seems that antioxidants are all the rage. Thus, it comes as no surprise that not only can we find them in our food, but new for 2009, we now can get them via skincare!

The SPF 30 solar-smart enhanced Body Cream portion of the SolarSmart line is a Clinique version of sunscreen-on-steroids. Well, maybe not actual steroids, but definitely an enhanced version of other sun-resistant products of late. Much like the face cream predecessors, it’s about time that those sunscreen products designed for the everywhere-but-our-faces catch up in realizing that although our faces may be especially sensitive to harsh rays, there is no reason to skimp on the rest of our exposed casing! Thank you Clinique, for designing this product containing additional shielding from “environmental aggressors” with the bonus of an alleged “antioxidant boost!”

Rescue Balm

I would have presumed that with all the shields, blockers and everything-short-of-armor thrown into Clinique’s other sun-resistant sunscreen products, there would be no need to pull out the aloe at the end of a long day in the sun. Alas, I should have predicted that in the off-chance that our skin coverage was a little shoddy, Clinique would still have us well covered.

Rescue Balm with aloe is “ultra-moisturizing” and may be used to calm any sun-exposed skin, meant to repair any incidental damage from causing any worse damage. On top of that, it is cooling and refreshing – in other words, exactly what a disappointed sun-bather would want in the event of peeling or undesirable sunburn.

Having put this product to the test on terribly peeling, sun-damaged skin, this reviewer can personally attest to the wonders that are Clinique Rescue Balm. Many an aloe plant I have pierced in the interest of burnt skin, so I must credit Clinique with performing additional wonders to Mother Nature’s already-ingenious gift. Better yet, this product is oil-free and non-acnegenic.

Certainly any beach or pool-bound sun-bather should have full confidence in facing the sun so long as he or she is armed with Clinique’s arsenal of sun-shielding SolarSmart products and the extra-precautionary rescue balm. She may have been hiding for much of the month of June, but once she decides to make an appearance, thanks to Clinique’s SolarSmart formulas, rain-drenched New Yorkers will surely be greeting her with open arms.

Jessica Stein

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