Davines Lovely Weekend Kit


With travel budgets being slimmed down, weekend destinations are becoming more popular. Along with pairing down expenses comes the pairing down of products of the products you need into compartmentalized, targeted beauty products. Italian hair company Davines launched the Essential Weekend kits to take your hair care routine on the road in a zippered pouch. Living in the Pacific NW, the humidity causes major frizz, so the Lovely Smoothing Kit ($16.50) was the perfect antidote to try. The Smoothing Shampoo worked into a slight lather leaving the hair feeling less wiry and silken. The ingredients are like a summer salad with prickly pear to add moisture, rice protein for a protective layer, olive oil as an emollient and olive amphoacetate for hydro lipid balance. The conditioner had a peculiar odor, but it was effective nonetheless. The formulation contains rice wax to nourish, vitamin E to protect from heat and mechanical tool damage, and borage oil to smooth and protect the hair. These products were tested among my male and female cohorts and no other previously used product was as successful in treating frizz. Hair was left flat, smooth, and less harsh. The drawback is the wax in the conditioner, which over time can leave a residue in your hair. This is why it is important to switch your hair products monthly.


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