DVD REVIEW: So You Think You Can Dance Get Fit: Cardio Funk

So You Think You Can Dance Get Fit: Cardio Funk

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The Cardio Funk DVD begins with a swishy agreeable warm up. Each of the team taking control for a few counts as they did on the previous show. Lots of good stretching exercises that get the quads and calves loosened.

Lauren Gottlieb’s Hip Hop dance concentrated on the abs and insides which kept my stomach muscles aching. Her style is more like disco hip-hop with a roller skating rink quality to it, and this is where it gets hot. Stretching arms and stomping. Jumping jacks, working your inner thighs, and with each rising tempo you feel your heart beginning to race. There were a lot of Bollywood elements in this number, which added to the athleticism of Lauren’s choreography.

Travis Wall’s Contemporary routine is the most complicated. He has a fast style which can be a little of a whirlwind, but that’s what slow mo is for on the DVD player.

This portion was the most physically demanding, because not only are you moving your arms together, they are hugging the contour of the body which takes concentration. Lots of scoops and rolling the top half of the body. Twisting out arms and pushing out empty space. With his clear voice and colorful style set against a bare white wall, at one moment I thought I was watching a Benetton advertisement. By this point in the program it feels a little rushed which is scary since the moves get more complicated. Yet Travis has the energy to keep you interested. His interview at the end had a nice flow and seemed to be the most relaxed.

Courtney Galiano is the kind of girl that you would expect was the captain of the cheerleading team. Her persistence in pronouncing the word “obliques” can feel somewhat grating. “March it out. Shuffle to your right and shuffle to your left. Right-left-and-turn-and-step-turn-together. Walk it back 6, 7, 8. Have a great time, and add your personality to it!” They all make it look easy, but this is not for the amateur. My biggest complaint would be the background music that sounds like the worst sort of karaoke samples.

The cool down for this DVD was just as drabby as the first disc but a little more fun to do. Again, it feels like you are moving to bad porno music. Lunges, rolling stretches and plenty of nose to the knees dips.

Kila Packett

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