DVD REVIEW: So You Think You Can Dance Get Fit: Tone and Groove

So You Think You Can Dance Get Fit: Tone and Groove

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If I had to choose a favorite reality TV show it would have to be So You Think You Can Dance. Now entering its fifth season and watched by over 20 million, this new pop culture phenomenon showcases some of the most tele-genic dancers in the country.

Check it out! Six of the most popular dancers from past seasons teach their own routines to their fellow dancers while getting in super shape with the release of two brand new fitness DVDs available on July 21. Now it’s possible to actually learn some of the complicated moves, and it’s presented in step-by-step fashion with incessant instructions to go back if you don’t get it. What’s fun is that each routine is a different genre some of which are challenging for the other dancers.

In “Tone and Groove” you become the dancer and learn to pop with Stephen “Twitch” Boss as he takes us through a hip hop routine. This was the easiest routine to learn, and I couldn’t help hitting the repeat button to do the dance over again. Twitch has a great vocabulary and teaching style which helps to retain the imagery he suggests.

Most young dancers who are interested in musical theater will enjoy Katee Shean’s jazzy number. With a clever pivot turn and lots of hip action, this does raise the bar in terms of perspiration. My favorite move being the “awkward dance” with hands on the head and touching the elbows to the knees.

The most challenging, otherwise, the sexiest routine was Dmitry’s Cha Cha which also gives a workout for the abs. With his feline posture and sensational legs, Dmitry has the audience in the palm of his hand. I had to sit out on this one and make myself an ice cream sundae, but I felt that I deserved it after the first two workouts.

This is an entertaining fitness video, but forewarned it is not for all ages. These routines are energy packed with little room for breaths, and if you are not used to “popping and locking” your muscles may react with discomfort. The DVD ends with some bonus interviews and a bonus routine that has a very Michael Jackson-like feel with lots of slides and smooth footwork. If you think you can dance it then you might as well Get Fit!

Kila Packett

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