EAT: UFC (Unidentified Flying Chicken)


UFC (Unidentified Flying Chicken)
71-22 Roosevelt Avenue
Jackson Heights, NY
Mon – Sat: 11 AM to 11 PM
Sun: Noon – 10 PM

While most of us carnivores love eating chicken, especially wings in all the many varieties prepared, one of the best yet least popularly known of is Korean fried chicken. Hopefully all of that will change. I discovered them (for myself) last year at a restaurant in Korea Town (32nd Street) called Bon Chon Chicken. The process is simple, deep fry legs and wings for twice as long a period as regular chicken, averaging at 10-15 minutes. The process allows the skin to thin out leaving a crispy shell making them very addictive. One of the better spots for this tasty chicken in New York City is up in Jackson Heights, Queens at a place known as UFC (Unidentified Flying Chicken). While the name is funny, their chicken is no joke, and why? Because they fry to order, use fresh not frozen chicken and prepared this way you get crunchy on the outside and soft and succulent meat on the inside, and best of all it’s not greasy. Compared to the few other places I’ve tried, UFC are top notch and the prices can’t be beat either. The menu is simple: choose the size-small (10 pieces $10) or large (20 pieces $18), the meat (wings or drumsticks), and the flavor (Hot, Soy-Garlic, Spicy Mustard, or Sweet and Spicy) and you’re done. I tried the Soy-Garlic and Sweet and Spicy flavors. I’d recommend the Soy-Garlic flavor over the Sweet and Spicy which had a thick barbecue consistency. While delicious it was very messy. Regardless, this place makes excellent Korean fried chicken that is well worth the trip to Jackson Heights any given day!

DaVe Lipp

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