THE INTERVIEW: Tattoo artist Picasso from Sacred Tattoo

Express your body canvas to the fullest and become the coolest tattooed kid on the block by stopping by Sacred Tattoo in Chinatown, NYC and meet living artistry at it’s finest. This is not just another tattoo shop slinging ink to pay the bills. They’re pushing a craze of colors and ink like no others, and resident tattoo artist Picasso has been dominating the tattoo community for 10 + years throughout Chicago and now New York City.

There is defiantly something deeper in his not so average ink well, a perfect blend of Neo-Traditionalism is presented in his work. Laying a crafty needle on thick is something the artists at Sacred Tattoo pride themselves on. Between Wes the owner and all his artists there is almost 100 years of tattooing experience. Another of their artists, Mike, has a clothing line called Demons are Forever and you can tell that nothing will stop their creative flow from challenging the norm. Specializing in almost every angle of art is a given factor for any tattooer at this parlor. Right now they’re under a little construction because they’re installing an art gallery and then a stillroom for past tattoos that were great portraits and wonderful pieces of body art that can’t be forgotten. I got to ask Picasso a few questions for our readers, so here you go.

On being named Picasso: It’s not an artsy alias name I claim, my mom named me that. She said the day I was born, she knew I was going to be an artist right then and there.

Years in the tatt game: Almost 12 years, But I’ve been drawing almost my whole life of 33 years.

Your first Break was, or which artist broke the needle in for you?: Rob Hixson at Tomato Tattoo in Chicago. He showed me the Bones to lay down.

Your style of tattooing?: Mental vomit, old school, new school, and painting. Inking people is my escape; it heals me, its art I’m painting on people with tattoo ink.

Your Musical aspirations are: I’ve always had four feet, two in tattooing and two in the door of music and it has opened up for me here and there. My old band Shades of Fiction opened up for 30 Seconds to Mars. I’ve always written songs though, we also played Metro in Chicago, and it was great.

One word that describes Picasso?: Complex, A human labyrinth, or a breathing maze. Maybe.

Tattoo gun specs: My Cheyenne Hawk is a new machine developed in Germany. It’s super lightweight, and a very smooth ride. Every hit counts and it’s new space age system really speeds up the work. It really works with the artist not against the artist, and has no noisy buzzing, so there will be no carpal tunnel syndrome in the future here!


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