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The Last Resort

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Bad acting, a dull script and an underdeveloped plot could all be forgivable with the requisite amount of gratuitous nudity and creative brutality that make a low-budget horror movie not only palatable, but enjoyable. Unfortunately those last two elements weren’t included in Brandon Nutt’s aptly named The Last Resort, which makes this particular choice of entertainment about as high on the priority list as its title suggests.

The story revolves around an attractive bachelorette party in Mexico who, shortly after arriving and declaring their intent, “Woohoo! Let’s get ready to party, Bitches,” head to a townie bar for an enjoyable evening of drinking and mingling.

Sophia, played by America Olivo, ditches her friends in favor of a charming evening with a cute guy she met at the bar. (Olivo may look familiar; she had a part in the 2009 film Friday the 13th, was a member of the band Soluna and also happened to be on the cover of Playboy in June.)

The next day the remainder of the party accepts a tour from a couple of locals, who in turn rob the ladies, shoot one of them in the leg and leave all of them stranded.

Unfortunately the nearest shelter is haunted. Sophia asks her handsome hook-up, Rob, (Nick Ballard), for help finding her friends and he obliges with the help of his buddy. Everyone eventually winds up at the haunted resort, which happens to be the former residence of a cannibalistic cult. Madness ensues that makes the film feel less like a horror movie and more like an episode of the Bad Girls Club.

The film ends abruptly leaving anyone left watching with the same question: What movie do I need to rent to see more of Olivo with less clothing on?

Amy Hamblen

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