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The State: The Complete Series

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Let me begin by saying that I have been waiting for the release of The State on DVD for a long time. I only had a handful of episodes and skits on tape so I became kind of like a DVD stalker–checking The State website all the time hoping to find out information about when my dreams would come true. In the meantime I would get my fix of my favorite comedy troupe by going to see Stella or watch White Hot American Summer and Reno 911—but it just wasn’t enough…I needed something more to dip my balls in!!

Then one day recently–it was on my doorstep…and in honor of such a joyous event I threw a pizza party, inviting friends I’ve had since High School who also were excited to relive great 90’s sketch comedy. Honestly, it was really worth the wait–laughter was abound in my apartment for hours. It was delightful seeing all the great characters and rediscovering some skits that I had forgotten. My party guests reflect on their favorite skits…Marisa: “I liked “Staring Contest” because it was silly and surreal. And that scene of Michael Ian Black dressed up like a crazy blonde clown stuck with me for so long into my 20’s…” Allison: “I like Tammy Wilkinson, the notebook artist because it’s so satiric.” I quote lines from that notebook artist skit to this day–their work really did have a lasting impression on its viewers. Personally, I was excited to sing along with “The Jew, the Italian and the Red-Headed Gay” and “Porcupine Racetrack.” The bonus features on the DVDs are fun old MTV news interviews with the cast.

With all the love I just spewed–I’ll comment on the one bummer about the set. Most of the original music has been replaced and some scenes have blurred imagery. The little insert in the DVD mentions the fact that getting the rights to the music and the images would have taken more time and cost millions of dollars. I was only really upset with these changes in the “Tammy Wilkinson” skit where her homemade collage of teen heartthrobs of the day like Jonathan Brandis and Andrew Shue have been blurred over and the prom scene lost some of its impact because you can’t hear them singing “You’re the Inspiration” by Peter Cetera. Even though the music has been replaced by generic similar songs–the comedy and genius of the show is still there.

I would like to end my review of The State Complete Series DVD set in the words of Blueberry Johnson—“I love it! I love it! I love it! I love it! I love it!”

Leslie Torre

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