DVD REVIEW: Watchmen (Director’s Cut)

Watchmen (Director’s Cut)
(Warner Home Video)

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In recent years, there has been a comic book revival. Every old comic book is becoming a movie and both everyday man and convention man flock to see it in theaters. That being said, I don’t read comic books. In fact, I don’t even like them or see the appeal. However, I like Watchmen.

Watchmen isn’t the type of movie to bring your child to see, what with the graphic violence, visual sex and looming threats of world destruction. While the movie fudges the history of time by placing Nixon in his 5th term as president in the 1980’s, the film still maintains a strong sense of time. The movie seems long but there isn’t a single point in the 186 minute movie that one could say they were bored with. The film maintains a quick pace while at the same time slowing down at points where watchers need to digest what has happened. Rorshach’s constant narration through the film makes it easier for some but can be annoying at times. The film’s numerous characters are all well fleshed out and no character–not even Mrs. Jupiter’s mother–is left out from having a full character arc. Emotionally, the story tugs at numerous aspects from anger at the film’s ending to sadness at other parts. While the film is not recommended for those with weak stomachs, it is recommended for those looking for an action movie that combines mild science fiction aspects with suspense.

The Directors Cut edition of this movie includes a second disc featuring three documentaries. Through these, fans can discover more of the background of the comic book Watchmen, real life superheroes, and a physicist’s perspective on the film. The Director’s Cut also comes with a digital copy of the film that I would highly recommended to anyone.

Tania Katherine

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