Sponge Skin Care: Krema Niktas


At night, I vacillate between wearing a moisturizer and just letting my skin breathe while I sleep. I tend to try anything “anti-aging” to test their efficacy. If you have spent time in Greece, you will notice the sun-kissed, smooth skin of Greeks. Most of this is attributed to genetics and a Mediterranean diet; it hasn’t stopped cosmetics companies from trying to bottle the secret to Greek skin (much like Shisedo for Asian skin). Sponge Skin Care is an organic skin care line from Greece formulated by a doctor for pregnant patients – originally without intent to sell it. I tried the Krema Niktas a.k.a. night cream (1.7 oz $85). This light weight moisturizer contains olive oil, St. Johns wort, linden, and sage. After a month of usage, I noticed more hydrated skin, which over time may be a factor to prevent aging. The formula, in theory, postulates: hydrated skin equals more elasticity & cellular renewal. Or as their website proclaims on its home page: friends + love = Sponge.


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