Weleda Organic Men’s Collection


German company Weleda has launched an organic men’s skin care line that includes the debut of the first men’s organic moisturizer. Weleda is the 98 year old company that broke new ground with the use of organic ingredients in skin care. Product ingredients are grown in the company’s own gardens and harvested exclusively for manufacture. The men’s line aims to be an eco-friendly, indulgent experience. Male or female can testify that shaving is one of the more callused skin rituals. Weleda’s Shave Cream ($10, 2.5 oz) is so natural that it misses important synthetic ingredients for an even shave such as glycerin. The cream failed to lather and dried out instantly, which caused the razor to drag. Ouch! The formulation is aromatic with ingredients such as goat’s milk, almond oil, pansy extract, jojoba, and witch hazel. The application was thick almost like a batter. On the other hand, the Moisture Cream for Men ($18, 1.6 oz) is a practical, calming moisturizer. It quickly soothes any post shave irritation or inflammation. The salve has a light texture without being greasy. Given that it is particularly hydrating, a small amount goes a long way, thus making the price to weight ration a sensible purchase. The ingredients include jojoba and sesame oils and witch hazel. The moisturizer has a comparable scent to the shave cream that is slightly medicinal.


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