DVD REVIEW: Scrubs-The Complete Eighth Season

Scrubs-The Eight Season
(ABC Video)

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If you’ve been a fan of Scrubs over the years, you know that the eighth season of Scrubs was initially supposed to be the show’s last season. In order to cut costs to make this happen, each of the shows main characters (JD, Elliot, Turk or Carla), are absent for two episodes a piece. In some cases, this absence is made in a believable manner (such as Carla visiting family) while in others (like JD being away with his son) feel forced. The season answers numerous questions fans may have had and the last episode, “My Finale,” nicely ties up the shows plot lines while using “The Book of Love” by Peter Gabriel to highlight the 10+ minute montage of the future.

With all of the pleasantries aside, one might be questioning whether or not the eighth series of Scrubs stands up to the previous seven. For both a Scrubs fan and novice, the eighth season gives numerous twists and dips that are sure to please. One of the best parts of the show is that one need not have followed the show to have enjoyed the individual episodes. One of the seasons episodes features the cast of Sesame Street while another features a comedy show featuring members of the Sacred Heart staff. The show also features a wedding of one of the more unexpected characters and a pregnancy from perhaps one of the most expected characters.

If you are looking for a few nights of laughs and enjoyable plots, you are likely to be a fan of Scrubs: The Complete Eighth Season. If you are looking for a medical drama or medicine based sitcom, Scrubs is not for you. However, the season gives enough to fan and foe alike that it is worth giving a try.

Tania Katherine

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