JUARA Tamarind Tea Hydrating Toner


My friend took a trip to Bali and turned me onto JUARA skin care upon his return. JUARA is an Indonesian line of skin care produced by four women of eastern decent. They created an integrative approach to skin care – mostly outside of science – rooted in Eastern skin care regimes. Each and every product is remarkable, but I am particularly into the “skin quencher” also known as the Tamarind Tea Hydrating Toner ($27, 4.75 oz). This is the first toner I have used that refreshes, cleanses, and moisturizes. Toners can leave the skin dry and stripped; more often than not due to the alcohol content of the product. The ingredients in this toner include tamarind (moisturizer), rice (anti-inflammatory), teas (antioxidants), and hyaluronic acid (moisturizer). The expression “very little goes a long way” certainly applies here. A nickel size amount of the orange hued serum is potent enough to cover your face with your bare hands. JUARA is a fantastic line as it relies on tradition, simplicity, and botanicals to provide effective skin care solutions.


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