Pureology Essential Repair Restorative Hair Masque


stock hair replacement systems ukPureology Systems introduces the Essential Repair Restorative Hair Masque to its line of well-touted Antifade Complex products, designed to strengthen and revitalize hair so as to restore it to a healthy state. For those with colored hair who have indulged perhaps a little too much in summer’s beach, pool and sunny-sided offerings, this masque may be exactly what your tresses need to kick start a hair-healthy fall season.

As would be expected, the product comes as a thick and viscous, paste-like substance. It comes in a bubble-gum pink form and smells much like the goo dentists use to clean teeth (readers may note that the website refers to this scent as its “signature aromatherapy blend” comprised of vanilla, bergamot, jasmine, mandarin, rose, lavender and ylang ylang. Go figure!). Although its aroma is not-quite-pleasant, it is not wholly intolerable either.

Furthermore, the experts of Pureology Systems have thoughtfully equipped the package with a small comb so as to ensure the products’ thorough, equal dispersion. Post-application rinsing proves somewhat difficult, and ultimately results do not prove to be very drastic. That being said, this reviewer’s once-dry ends did seem to have somewhat more moisture than they did pre-masque. Despite its subtle results, the Pureology legacy and vegan nature of the product make for a worthwhile investment in the regular application of this restorative, health-inducing, tress-friendly treatment.

Jessica Stein

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