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Babes In The Woods

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You just gotta love early 60’s ‘nuddie’ films. Naked girls romping with their pre-silicone breasts (well not completely ‘pre’ but certainly not common at the time) bouncing, as they enjoy the sun, fun, and seclusion of summer camp settings or private beaches and backwoods. It was a simpler time way back then, in 1962 precisely when Babes in the Woods was filmed, when harmless movies like this could be and would be made, with the absolute only intention to show women naked.

“Babes” is basically a silent film with narration and dialogue put on after. The three ‘babes’ in question pretty much strip at a waterfall, at a gas station rest area, and at the side of the road while an insipid plot written by Edmund Kerwin (and I do use that word ‘written’ loosely) unfolds from the narrator’s telling, he the dead proprietor of the cabin-in-the-wood motel the trio have been trying to get to.

Lost for over 40 years this one hour film is now available through the Independent International company and while a little scratchy, if kitsch and naked girls are your thang director A.A. Krovek’s Babes In The Woods is a gem of this type of film making from yesteryear.

Ralph Greco, Jr.

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