DVD REVIEW: Loose Change 9/11-An American Coup


Loose Change 9/11-An American Coup

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To quote an old Jethro Tull lyric: “Why do the faithful have such a need to believe?” I hate to say it, but Loose Change is built on a pretty loose need to believe. Claiming it all was an ‘American Coup’, Dylan Avery’s hour and a half romp links the Reichstag Fire in 1933 (gotta go to those fun-loving Nazi’s when you want to make a point), Roosevelt’s supposed knowledge of Pearl Harbor, the Gulf of Tonkin badness and then 9/11 as examples of when a government allowed or prompted a violent episode to further push their aims…most notably, to go to war.

Nobody is denying that our intelligence agencies were found with their pants down during that fateful Sept. day, but to suggest our government planned the attack on the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and that plane landing in that PA field…that’s a big leap. Chemicals found in downtown NY, building construction, the exact composition of crash sites, Avery offers up the usual conspirator ‘smoking guns’ and while “Rescue Me”‘s Daniel Sunjata, the narrator of Loose Change, makes well-read dramatic pronouncements, very few are supported by fact.

In the face of a seemingly obvious terrorist attack and with an unspoken, but very real need for revenge because of it, people turn to their government for answers. Concluding that ours was powerless to prevent this terrible tragedy, are we perversely comforted with the possibility that our government did do something…even if the conclusion we reach is that they caused it?

Ralph Greco, Jr.

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