HEALTH: Your Shape for the Wii

I recently spent an evening trying a new game for the Wii from Ubisoft entitled Your Shape After demoing several different workouts, I can say with confidence that Your Shape will replace the Wii Fit as the go-to fitness gaming experience.

I own Wii Fit, and after several weeks of use, it became a party novelty, a full body video game that is fun, but doesn’t really provide a workout. Granted, standing up while engaging in game play is better than a sedentary option, but I never felt like I was toning my body or really burning calories.

Your Shape picks up where Wii Fit leaves off by using a camera that scans the users’ body. This allows the user to see him/herself on the screen next to the Avatar, thus mimicking mirrors in aerobic rooms. The camera also enables the game to gauge the user’s ability to follow along with the instructions, even giving notes including, “Watch your arms,” and “Pick up your legs.” It even offers to break down workouts that may be new/problematic for the user, such as explaining a grape vine step-by-step.

Your Shape provides aerobic workouts that will actually get the user sweating, and a calorie count on screen that shows what the user is burning in real time. The workouts also include toning options, with crunches and other various muscle building activities.

The only downside to the game is that the Avatar is Jenny McCarthy. Not that Ms. McCarthy isn’t in the type of shape that many would like to emulate, but her overly perky voice can come across as annoying. However, one can quickly overcome this to reap the benefits the game offers.

Your Shape is a must-have for anyone seeking a challenging workout experience at home. It provides quality routines and programs akin to those found in fitness DVDs, but goes above and beyond by correcting poor form, offering suggestions to help keep the user motivated, and creating goal-oriented workout plans. Your Shape is set to hit stores this holiday and is affordably priced at $69.99 making it the perfect gift or purchase for those trying to burn off pounds in the new year.

Elizabeth Sorrell

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