The Daily Shortlist October 22


Location: Lower East Side, NYC
Band: CMJ Music Marathon: Deer Tick Get Tickets Here
Show time: 7 PM
Venue: Bowery Ballroom
Food: Paladar
Drink: Welcome to the Johnsons
Miscellaneous: Economy Candy

Deer Tick blend rock, folk, country, blues, and grunge to make some great music. See them at this CMJ showcase. Joining them are Chris Denny And The Natives, Dolorean, Holy Sons, and Paleo. Paladar, whose celebrity chef, Aarón Sanchez is from the Food Network show “Melting Pot,” delivers a Pan-Latino concept taking traditional Spanish fare and adding deliciously executed gourmet twists. Feeling retro? Then Welcome to the Johnsons is the place for you. It’s like being in your uncles wreck room from the 70s. With all wood paneled walls, plastic covered couches, and a Pac Man machine, this bar is out for a good time. Stop by Economy Candy and get a small taste of what it might be like to walk through Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, minus the hijinks, as there’s all sorts of candy everywhere. A real NY landmark, it’s been around since 1937.

Location: Tribeca, NYC
Bands: CMJ Music Marathon Presents: Krista
Show time: 7 PM
Venue: Santos Party House
Food: Pakistan Tea House
Drink: Mocca Lounge
Miscellaneous: Chinatown Ice Cream Factory

Krista melds the aggressive, melodic, and powerful elements of rock and pop with rap she was so influenced by growing up in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Her searing and emotional vocals convincingly deliver lyrics that are thought-provoking and hard-hitting, yet vulnerable. She uses her art as therapy to understand the difficulties she endured at a young age. Her debut album, Taking Back Brooklyn, is a catharsis that is sure to touch anyone who has experienced pain, frustration, triumph, and redemption. Joining her for this one is Eve to Adam, Blood Street, The Bleeding Bombshell, Sleepwalkas, and Pui. Nearby, Pakistan Tea House is a buffet style Indian restaurant where you can choose between chicken, meat, fish and vegetables. It’s affordable and very good. For drinks, check out Mocca Lounge. With a funky interior and a menu of Italian inspired fare, it’s also a bar with a large list of coffees with or without alcohol, beers, and frozen shots. Smack dab in the heart of Chinatown, the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory makes gourmet ice cream flavors like Black Sesame, Ginger, Durian, and more exotic flavors like Taro and Wasabi. Don’t worry, they have the go-to’s like Vanilla, fruits, and chocolate flavors too.

Location: Tribeca, NYC
Bands: CMJ Music Marathon Presents: 2AM Club Get Tickets Here
Show time: 9 PM
Venue: S.O.B.’s
Food: Souen
Drink: Ear Inn
Miscellaneous: Alidoro

New York based 2AM Club are a dance band that know how to throw a party! The Funk, pop, rock, blue-eyed soul, hip-hop, new wave, and electro all converge to create a genre-bending sound that’s completely unique, instantly relatable, and practically begging to be danced to. Joining them are Theophilus London, Camp Lo, Brandon Hines, Pill, Freddie Gibbs Shawn Chrystopher, and DJ Jesse Marco, Hosted by Jabari. For fans of macrobiotics, tofu, seitan and even fish, Souen is great for healthy food that won’t have you feeling like you shouldn’t have ordered that. Try the Broiled Tofu Okabe, which sees thick slices of tofu, broiled and topped with a sesame and sake paste ($11). One of the oldest bars in the city, Ear Inn offers cheap pints in a timeless environment. Walk through the doors and it’s like you’re in the early 1900s, though the occasional ringing cell phone will bring you back to reality. Possibly one of the best sandwich shops in the city, Alidoro has 40 kinds of amazing Italian sandwiches, all named.

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