The Daily Shortlist October 28


Location: Lower East Side, NYC
Bands: DePedro + Federico Aubele Get Tickets Here
Show time: 8 PM
Venue: S.O.B.’s
Food: Souen
Drink: Ear Inn
Miscellaneous: Alidoro

Influenced by afrobeat and pop, Spanish singer DePedro’s first solo self-titled album has Calexico as his backing band, so he’s that good. Buenos Aires born singer and guitarist Federico Aubele blends a bit of reggae, tango, bolero, and more on his third album Amatoria to make a group of timeless songs. For fans of macrobiotics, tofu, seitan and even fish, Souen is great for healthy food that won’t have you feeling like you shouldn’t have ordered that. Try the Broiled Tofu Okabe, which sees thick slices of tofu, broiled and topped with a sesame and sake paste ($11). One of the oldest bars in the city, Ear Inn offers cheap pints in a timeless environment. Walk through the doors and it’s like you’re in the early 1900s, though the occasional ringing cell phone will bring you back to reality. Possibly one of the best sandwich shops in the city, Alidoro has 40 kinds of amazing Italian sandwiches, all named.

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